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Green design courses

They were born out of experience... and hatched early amid Covid19.

Over the years, my customers brought to my attention common design issues and questions.

I decided to answer them with practical online courses.

At the end of my courses, students are equipped with step-by-step instructions, anchored in science, for their personal situations.


These courses are almost private virtual consultations.




Viv courses have a SIMPLE GOAL: provide students with ANSWERS to their personal questions.

Viv courses are built for NON-DESIGNER.

They are punctuated by questionnaires designed to reveal PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS TAILORED to students' personal situations.


They are packed with TIPS highlighting design scenarios, what to do and what not to do.




Viv courses present scientific experiments demonstrating how we, humans, respond to our environment. Using kin conductivity monitoring, EKGs, and brain activity videos scientists can now record OBJECTIVELY our subconscious reactions. 


Viv courses explain how to APPLY these scientific FINDINGS and impact our wellbeing indoors.

Research shows consistently that HUMANS NEED NATURE.


Our brains are wired for nature, subconsciously we are still CAVEMEN.