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Meet Valerie

WELL Accredited Professional & LEED Green Associate

​I was born and raised in Paris, France. My first career and my family life led me to Washington, DC where I discovered my passion for nature-centered interior design.

I started studying the power of nature on human beings and quickly discovered that it was supported by SCIENCE.


The scientific backing is what decided me to help people gently bring nature into their lives indoor to IMPROVE their WELLBEING.

I chose to focus on the workplace because with nature employees feel better, and organizations perform better.  


"Nature in the workplace is a WIN-WIN"


Why I created Viv

amazon headquarter.jpg

GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser

Because nature is scientifically proven to help humans be better.

Because Amazon invested spectacularly in the concept.


Their headquarters contain 40,000 plants...

You don't need to work for Amazon to benefit from nature at work, you found help here! 

Let's bring nature to

your own office.

What I specialize in

Productive office layout

Work-friendly color palettes

Plant-friendly workspaces

Up-cycled workspace design

Tips for the


Some viv-ifying inspiration

What clients say


Valerie has cracked the code for balancing productivity and design by offering sustainable, effortless, and convenient decorating services.

- Jada Nicome

Valerie did a phenomenal job reviewing our design goals and provided customized suggestions that we would have never thought of without her help.     

- Lin Park

I went from hating my home office to feeling excited to get to work!

The transformation empowered me, I feel positive and productive.Washignton, DC

- Florence Navarro

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